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Opinion: Welcome Back, Avid!

Maybe it’s my Canadian disposition that compels me to look for silver linings. Or maybe Avid is actually doing a decent job of listening to its customers. I still think better times are ahead, as per my latest column for PSNEurope.

Well hello there…again

I’ve learned a lot in my first year (and a bit) of freelancing.

One of those things is that blogging is a lot harder than what I thought it was. So is writing. Or getting up in the morning without a “boss” who will crack down on you if you’re late for work.

In other words, I’ve discovered that freelancing is hard work. Who knew?

Obviously I didn’t think it was something I could comfortably waltz into without any hiccups, and I’m happy to say that I’m doing well (but still looking for work. I am ALWAYS looking for work).

I’m disappointed that I’ve neglected my own personal blog. It’s one thing to write what you are told to write about, it’s another to have the creative freedom to write whatever you feel like writing. Especially when it really doesn’t matter whether anyone is reading it. This is my little space on the Internet and if you’ve found it, wonderful!

I don’t need an audience, I just need the space. So, after a very loooooong silence, I am reclaiming my space. It’s a birthday treat to myself. I’m 35 this year and although that’s still considered “young”, it’s really made me reflect on what’s important to me.

Being able to write what I want, when I want, is very important to me.

if it turns into a useful space for other people, even better.

That’s all, I just thought I’d put that out there as my first blog post in ages. Time to go eat birthday pizza.



Please donate to the Canadian National Day of Service Foundation

CNDSF Header

Today is September 11th: National Day of Service in Canada.

This year, the Canadian National Day of Service Foundation (formerly ACTV Foundation), a charitable organization whose purpose is to honour and celebrate Canadians who serve their communities in official and unofficial ways, is raising funds to support those who suffer from PTSD. These include our service men and women, as well as victims of violent crimes…people like me.

It would mean so much to myself and my family if you could support CNDSF this year:

Like CNDSF on Facebook
Follow or spread the word about @CNDSFoundation on Twitter
Donate $9.11 to CNDSF

This year CNDSF asks: Canaday Make a Difference? Canada Says Yes!

Please help make this a reality.




Ampco Takes Aim at the Future

Ampco Flashlight Group headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands

It was a pleasure to visit the Ampco Flashlight Group headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands, for my latest article, published in PSNEurope

Over the last two years, Ampco Flashlight and its network of companies concentrated their activities mainly on the key territory of Benelux. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, came the sale of a Synco Longbow by Martin Audio system to Serbia’s Audio Konstruktor (PSNEurope, February 2014). Time, then, to head to the Netherlands and find out more.

The rest of it is here. Enjoy!

And I’m free…freelancing!

After two wonderful years at PSNEurope, I’ve abandoned the comfort of a regular paycheque in favour of the world of freelancing.

I’m excited, I’m terrified… and as of this very minute, I’m officially available for hire.


PSNEurope editorial: audio education

It’s not easy writing editorials I tell ya, but here’s my latest in this week’s PSNEurope newsletter (you’re getting them, right? If not, sign-up here). I was inspired by a recent discussion over at Pro Tools Expert on whether a formal qualification is essential for getting hired. To date, 26% of poll respondents working in audio have no formal training whatsoever, while 35% have either some kind of college or university-related training. So training is better for getting a job, right?

Well, no, that’s not really what those numbers say. Perhaps what those numbers are saying is that by getting some training, you also get access to industry contacts. That was absolutely the case for me when I studied at Alchemea (and I have no complaints about my education whatsoever), and it’s been an enormous help to my own career.

There are also a greater number of training opportunities available to students who want to pursue audio as a career and, arguably, a lot more opportunities in audio than what there used to be. So maybe training is necessary in order to stick out from a very competitive field, which is why more and more working engineers have gone that route.

But, if you’re training isn’t very good (and I’ve heard horror stories), then was it really worth it?  Let the debate continue…


Editorial in PSNEurope on audio education

Introducing Zimmy’s T

Zimmy's T

This is Zimmy’s T – as in, his 1927 Model T Ford Coupe. It’s in my care now.

To explain, “Zimmy” was my biological father, George Zimmerman, who passed away on March 16th, 2010. He and I were more alike than I ever knew when he was still alive. I wish I had heard his stories before he died, but I still relate to them: the thrill of escaping to the country for the weekend; the rush of the open road; driving a kick-ass car.

In a strange twist of fate, it was while driving the Model T – the “little car” as he called it – that Zimmy suffered a terrible crash from which we never really recovered, and ultimately contributed to his death.

But he had great plans for the little car, which I fully intend to carry out.

The car is still in storage in Canada, although I now reside in London, UK. The plan is to fix it up the way he wanted: cherry black exterior, decals of Yosemite Sam and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Rat Fink character placed somewhere, a beige interior and an excellent sound system (not to mention all the necessary mechanical work).

Then I bring it over to the UK so that is can be gawked at like Zimmy would’ve been proud to have happen.

I know Zimmy fell victim to a few unscupulous characters while trying to fix up the little car, and I’m not going to let that happen. I’m looking for individuals who care deeply about vintage vehicles, and the stories they tell, to look after Zimmy’s T. If you are that kind of person, or know someone who is, please get in touch.

Well hello there

Seems like I’ve had to redo my website again, thanks to an older version somehow magically restoring itself onto my server.

So, while the renovations are underway, why not check out 94dBA? Lots of interesting audible goodies there (more so than what’s here, anyway).